Introducing Bandai Gashapon

20 Oct 2021

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Brief: The Japanese word is a combination of Gasha + Pon
GASHA is the sound of the crank being turned on the capsule machine.
PON - the sound from capsule toys landing on the tray.

Memories of Happiness
When we were growing up as kids ...
Capsule machines were full of surprises.
Affordable, accessible and full of surprises. 
There were machines with
Gundams, Dragon Balls, Kamen Rider figures ...  
Today, we bring to this fun to you here.

GODZILLA vs KONG HG (High Grade), Bandai Gashapon Capsule
GUNDAM. Mobile Suit Ensemble, Bandai Gashapon Capsules
DISNEY Friends GEM Series, Bandai Gashapon Capsules
SANRIO Characters, Bandai Capsule Gashapon
PEANUTS Characters, Bandai Capsule Gashapon
Dragonball Z HG (High Grade), Bandai Capsule Gashapon