Trip back in time - Toyota Corolla 1998 & Toyota Stout Pickup

In our ever going quest to look for newness
It is sometimes best to take a look back in time. 
And appreciate the beauty of past classic designs
See the elegance and practicality of past forms.

I always think it is classier to drive an old classic.
A sign of sophistication and automotive knowledge.
Let's introduce our guests

TOTOYA Corolla AE100 (1996)
I remember driving one of these in my younger years. 
Neutral handling and very easy to drive. 
The countless fun road trips.
Occasionally I still see one of these in the neighbourhood. 
Just so dependable.

Toyota Corolla

TOYOTA Stout Pickup (1960s)
What pickup did Toyota make before the HiLux? The Toyota Stout!

Here we have a 2nd gen 1960 Toyota Stout.
Now this diecast is a pleasant surprise.
Good level of detail, metal body, cream paint.
They even included a tiny figure.
How very cute ...