Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen Review & How to refill the ink

18 Oct 2021

The Platinum Curidas キュリダス is a retractable fountain pen.
Another name for these type of fountain pens are called capless. 

One click - the nib appears.
Always ready to write. 
Another click - the nib retracts.

Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen

A nib that does not dry
The clever retractable nib mechanism also prevents the nib from drying. With other fountain pens, you will discover the nibs drys rather easily. This is common issue with certain brands. However this issue is uncommon with Platinum products.

All of Platinum's fountain pens cap are well-designed to prevent ink drying in the nib while capped. Platinum Curidas are made in Japan. They are of extremely high quality.

In fact, Platinum has been making fountain pens since 1919, with about 100 years of experience.

At GINZAT, we speak highly of Platinum's quality.

How to refill the ink

Below is the video on how to refill the inks of Platinum Curidas Fountain Pens.
The process is very intuitive. 

Platinum Curidas PDF instructions could be found here at their website as well.