Sailor Shikiori Hisakata Series Fountain Pens

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Below are two fountain pens from Sailor's Shikiori Hisakata series. 
Made in Japan
The poetic name Shikiori Hisakata in Japanese is 四季織― ひさかた
It can be loosely translated as "Weaving Patterns of Four Seasons"
Both are an absolute joy to behold and write with. 
[On the left] Hoshikutsu - Stardust
a luscious black resin barrel with glitter - symbolic of the stars in the night sky

[On the right] Uchimizu - Deep translucent blue demonstrator
reminds me of the blue Okinawan sea

Inscribed on the nib is the year 1911.

About Sailor
Sailor from Japan, has been making fountain pens since 1911.  
The quality and attention is detail is excellent.