Tomica diecast news - Nov 2020

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Tomica Red Series

Daihatsu Rocky (Box No.36)

No.36 ダイハツ ロッキー

Winner of the 2020 Good Design Award in Japan
Rocky is a Japan only (JDM) SUV.

Daihatsu gave the Rocky slogan, the
The new freedom SUV

Mazda 3 (Box. No.46)
No.46 マツダ3

The die-cast is the Mazda 3 4th gen (2019) hatch in Soul Red Metallic

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Tomica Premium

Nissan Sileighty

The name is a Portmanteau of Silvia & 180SX
SIL + Eighty

Platform code of 180SX is S13
Platform code of SILVIA is S14

What do you do when you tracked, drifted, crashed your 180SX?
& there are plenty of Silvia parts lying around?

Put a Silvia front end on a 180SX
& a JDM drifting unicorn is born.